Associate Professor Linda Payi Ford

Aboriginal Cosmology – What this means for women and gender policy

Associate Professor Linda Payi Ford is a Rak Mak Mak Marranunggu and a proud Indigenous Australian and a local Territorian. She is is a published author of Aboriginal Knowledge Narratives & Country: Marri Kunkimba Putj Putj Marrideyan 2010 and Country of the Heart – An Indigenous Australian Homeland 2002 & 2010. A/Prof Ford’s Mirrwanna and Wurrkama philosophy is transdisciplinary, and inclusive of Indigenous knowledge systems approaches in higher education. Her Indigenist Research Reform methodologies take seriously divergent knowledge practices that are critically important to her work with people, policy and place. A/Prof Ford brings extensive experience in collaborative work in diverse cultural settings, particularly in Indigenous and international contexts. A/Prof Ford is a Principal Research Fellow at the Northern Institute in the Transdisciplinary Research and Indigenous Knowledge Systems team at Charles Darwin University, in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. A/Prof Ford is currently working on a number of Australian Research Council research projects including “Aboriginal Cosmology – What this means for women and gender policy” and the “National Indigenous Research and Knowledge Networks (NIRAKN)”.