Robert Lowe and Ian Grimshaw

Retrofit abode to Smart abode

Rob Lowe

Robert completed his electrical apprenticeship in 1989, following on with Diploma Industrial electronics, quickly rose through the company becoming Manager of a leading sign company, clients including Shell, BP, Mobil. During this time training apprentices and soldiers in the Army Reserve Royal Australian Artillery (8 years’ service).

Later, changing careers into programming web applications, databases as national IT manager in a leading pharmaceutical publishing company. Then, starting his own IT company developing bespoke web applications.

After many years in IT has returned to the electrical trade and now teaches electrical trade at CDU, Casuarina while studying Cert IV Photovoltaic systems and part-time Bachelor of Engineering honours.

Ian Grimshaw

Ian completed his electrical apprenticeship in 1973, continued to upskill with Diploma of Industrial electronics. Over the years Ian specialised in standby power generation, working for over 3 years on oil rigs and then over 13 years in East Timor.

While in East Timor Ian serviced the United Nations, various Embassies, Int Bank’s and during this time training local East Timorese to Australian Standards.

Upon returning to Australia Ian now teaches electrical trade at, CDU Casuarina while studying Cert IV Photovoltaic systems.